Running Rabbit Press is nestled among the hills of eastern Connecticut. The view from our windows is that of stonewalls and gardens patrolled by corgis and cats. The press is located inside our yellow antique style gambrel house. Work takes place all over the house. The library doubles as the cutting studio and when the press gets rolling the prints are everywhere! ❧ I have always had a love affair with paper. So much so that as a first grader, I was reprimanded for hording a desk full of lined penmanship paper. My collection of paper has grown along with a career in paper cutting that began quite by accident. ❧ I attended the Portland School of Art, Portland, ME and then the University of Connecticut where I received my B.F.A. I was working as a staff illustrator at the Hartford Courant in Connecticut. During this early part of my career, I experimented with different styles and mediums including woodcuts and linocuts. I liked their graphic quality but they were tedious to produce under the newspaper’s tight deadlines. My husband suggested trying papercuts as an alternative. Maybe it’s my Polish heritage but I took to it very well and have been cutting ever since.  ❧ In 1989, I started Running Rabbit Illustration and have been doing freelance illustration ever since. Running Rabbit Press is an expansion to this original business that includes illustration, printmaking and design.
Over the years, I have worked with many clients including The New York Times, Newsweek, Business Week, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Cleveland Plain Dealer, Weekly Reader, Macys, Simon and Schuster, Clarkson Potter, David R. Godine Publishers, Charlesbridge Publishers, Cricket and Babybug. ❧ I begin my illustrations by doing sketches on vellum. When my client and I agree on the sketch, I transfer it in reverse to the back of the black clay-coated paper that will become the papercut.
For cutting, my tool of choice is a #11 X-Acto blade. I add color by either layering different colored papers behind the paper cut or by making a black and white print of the paper cut and hand coloring with watercolors.  ❧ My husband, Chris Butler is the designer at Running Rabbit Press. He has worked for design firms, ad agencies and newspapers. We met at the Courant where Chris was an award winning graphic designer. He now works in the printing industry as a digital prepress expert when not designing fabulous work for Running Rabbit Press!